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Does your home have trouble handling your power supply? Are you renovating an older home with an outdated electrical panel? If your electrical system needs more support, it’s time for an electrical panel upgrade. The experienced and licensed electricians at CECO Electric, Inc. can provide the best panel upgrade for your power needs. Call us today to plan for your panel upgrade that will improve the safety and electrical performance of your property.

When Is a Panel Upgrade Necessary?

The components of your electrical system must be safe and reliable. If your electrical panel is exhibiting the following warning signs, it’s time for an upgrade from a safe and skilled electrician:

  • Signs of burning or scorch marks on the panel
  • Melted wire insulation or a burning odor
  • The equipment on your panel is rusting
  • Your electricity bills are significantly higher than normal
  • Your lights are constantly flickering or dimming

If you notice these signs, it is critical for your home safety that you plan for an upgrade as soon as possible.

Increase Your Home Power Capacity with an Electrical Panel Upgrade

You may also schedule an electrical panel upgrade if your system needs to handle more power than it currently can. It’s time to upgrade your panel if you are:

  • Adding a new high-powered appliance
  • Renovating an old home and updating the electrical system
  • Currently using a panel that is 24-40 years old

Older panels on modern homes do not supply the power needed to handle the many modern appliances homeowners use on a daily basis. To ensure that your electrical panel can meet modern power demands, schedule a panel upgrade with CECO Electric. Our electricians will conduct an on-site assessment to determine which panel upgrade is best and what power capacity is needed to suit the demands of your household.

The Long-Lasting Benefits of a Panel Upgrade

After your panel upgrade, you can enjoy a boost in home value, safety, and power capacity.

Increased Home Value

When you upgrade your electrical panel, you provide your home with consistent and reliable power. A new panel says that your home can handle the power needed by modern appliances. If you resell your home or sell a refurbished property, you can increase the home value with the presence of an upgraded panel.

Enhanced Electrical Safety

When your panel can safely handle the power requirements of your property, you reduce the risk of circuit overloads, electrical fires, and other malfunctions.

Excellent Power Capacity

After a panel upgrade, you will feel confident that your appliances and devices will not fail you when you need them. In today’s ever-increasing technological environment, you want to provide your appliances and devices with the power they need to operate at their best.

Are Permits Required for Panel Upgrades?

If you are preparing for a panel upgrade, the electricians at CECO Electric will acquire all necessary permits. When you work with our licensed and experienced electricians, you can trust that all the required safety precautions are taken and that your installation will be safe and effective.

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