Outlet and Switch Repair

Are your home outlets and switches malfunctioning? Are you worried about electrical performance and safety? If you are concerned about your outlet or switch performance, do not risk your personal safety – call CECO Electric to diagnose the problem and repair the outlet or switch safely and quickly. Our hassle-free outlet and switch repair service guarantees that you receive safe and functional updates. Our experienced and licensed electricians know how to spot signs of trouble and how to address them correctly. You don’t have to worry about a risky guessing game and haphazard solution. CECO Electric can provide you with the safe, efficient repair services you require.

Warning Signs for Outlet and Switch Malfunction

How can you tell when you need outlet and switch repair services? There are a few warning signs you should pay attention to in your home:

  • The outlet covering feels hot
  • Switches or outlets are dead and unresponsive
  • Plugs fall out of the outlet
  • The outlet is outdated and only has two-prong plugs
  • Your GFCI outlet doesn’t trip
  • The outlet produces smoke, sparks, or burning odors
  • You experience tiny electric shocks when plugging or unplugging devices

Particular warning signs for faulty switches include:

  • The light or device only comes on after several attempts
  • Lights or plugged-in devices flicker or are at dim power
  • You notice a crackling, popping, or hissing sound when you flip the switch

If you notice these concerning signs, contact CECO Electric right away. When the safety of your household is at risk, you cannot delay addressing these problems.

Trust CECO Electric to Diagnose the Problem and Determine the Best Solution

The first step in effectively resolving an issue with your outlets or switches is diagnosing the problem. The highly experienced electricians at CECO Electric are equipped to correctly diagnose the root cause of faulty outlets or switches. Once we locate the problem, we can effectively determine the safest solution.

Replace Outlets and Switches to Future-Proof Your Electrical System and Avoid Future Repairs

If your outlets are not exhibiting the above warning signs but are outdated, you can benefit from a proactive replacement of your switches and outlets. When you modernize your outlets and switches, you make them safer and more efficient, which prevents the need for future repairs.

Modern outlets are tamper-resistant and much safer. By replacing outdated switches and outlets, you avoid future problems that can harm people or devices. CECO Electric electricians are trained to expertly and safely provide outlet and switch repair and replacement services for your home. You can call us for safe and efficient service every time.

Contact CECO Electric For Safe and Professional Outlet and Switch Repair Services

For decades, CECO Electric, Inc. has provided professional, safe, and reliable service to our clients across Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia. Since 1980, our family-run business has provided superb residential electrical services. To learn more about our services and schedule your next outlet and switch repair or replacement, contact CECO Electric today at 1-800-954-2326 or online. Your Power, Our Passion: CECO Electric.

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