Whole House Generator

If you want to avoid the damage and loss that can come from power outages, you need a whole house generator you can count on. The experienced residential electricians at CECO Electric are available to install your whole house generator, providing you with uninterrupted power during outages. Contact us today to plan for your home’s electrical safety.

Plan for Uninterrupted Power with a Whole House Generator

If you have ever been without a generator during a power outage, you know how much of your life is interrupted. Food goes bad, phones can’t charge, air conditioning or heating is unavailable, and medical devices may be unusable. Install a whole house generator to avoid the potentially disastrous consequences of a home power outage.

The whole house generator is designed to automatically kick in when power fails, so your power supply is entirely uninterrupted. Uninterrupted power prevents malfunctions that may result from power blips and ensures that you retain the ability to charge necessary devices and store perishable food.

Generators Provide Protection Throughout the Year

While many homeowners consider generators as backup power supplies during summer storms, your home can lose power throughout the year.

Protection From Summer Outages

If you lose power during the summer due to a powerful storm or extreme heat, your family is at risk if left without power. Extended power outages in summer can mean no relief from extreme heat and food that goes bad under hot temperatures.

Protection From Winter Outages

Homes can lose power during the winter months during periods of high snowfall, ice accumulation, or extremely low temperatures. If you lose power during this time, your family is left to contend with these frigid temperatures. Food and bottled water may also freeze and be rendered useless.

Your Whole House Generator: Your Plan B Guaranteed

You can keep your household comfortable and safe during power outages at any time with a whole house generator installed by CECO Electric. Your generator will supply the necessary power to keep you safe and healthy until long-term power is restored.

Trust the Professionals with a Whole House Generator Installation

For best results, trust a licensed electrician from CECO Electric with your generator installation. We can provide homeowners with a whole house generator or install a generator designed to supply power to specific appliances such as fridges or freezers.

Our experienced employees will assess your home to determine the best generator for your home’s power needs. The gas generator is installed conveniently outside your house. If you want to guarantee your home’s safety and comfort at all times, contact us today to schedule your generator installation.

Contact CECO Electric For a Reliable and Safe Whole House Generator

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