Ceiling Fan Installation

Are you looking for practical, long-lasting ways to cool your home and maintain a consistent, comfortable temperature? Schedule a new ceiling fan installation for your home. You can trust CECO Electric to install your ceiling fan. Our licensed and experienced electricians will provide a safe, professional installation that supplies your home with long-term benefits.

Why Should I Install a New Ceiling Fan?

There are many reasons why homeowners decide to install ceiling fans. Whether you prefer to install one in your living room or bedroom or want to install them throughout the key rooms of your home, ceiling fans have a lot to offer.

Enhance Air Circulation

You can still benefit from ceiling fans if you have central heating or air conditioning. Fans can even improve the effectiveness of your HVAC system! This is because ceiling fans help distribute air throughout your home, so your home achieves a more stable temperature throughout.

Lower Utility Bills

If you want to find ways to reduce your electricity use, a ceiling fan installation can help you significantly cut back on your air conditioning. Ceiling fans can help circulate cool air during warm days, so you do not need to rely on around-the-clock air conditioning.

A Beautiful Design Centerpiece

Installing a ceiling fan in the center of a room can create a beautiful centerpiece for your room’s design. You can select the color of your fan, the style of fan blades, and even select a lighting fixture to improve the beauty of your home.

Trust CECO Electric with Professional and Safe Ceiling Fan Installations

No matter what type of ceiling fan installation you require, you can trust the licensed electricians of CECO Electric to do the job right. Call our team today for fan installations, including:

  • Ceiling Fan Pre-Wire: We install a ceiling fan in a pre-existing space in your ceiling
  • New Ceiling Fan Install: We install a ceiling fan in a ceiling without a pre-existing space for one
  • Ceiling Fans with Light Fixtures: We can wire the ceiling fan and light fixture so you can control the light and fan with a switch
  • Ceiling Fans without Light Fixtures: We can wire the ceiling fan to a switch for easy and safe control

To ensure the best results and long-term safety for you and your household, hiring a professional electrician to install your ceiling fan is critical. Our experienced residential electricians know how to wire your new fan and light fixture safely and guarantee that the rest of your electrical system is undisturbed.

Contact CECO Electric For a Safe and Effective Ceiling Fan Installation

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